Best of Texas BBQ

June 15th, 2017 by Heather Parillo

This is Texas people. If you don’t have a hankering for BBQ, you’re in the wrong place. Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke has nine locations across the state to meet all your pit-smoked meat and BBQ cravings, no matter where you are. We put up a website with hostgator wich is great, learn more about hostgator here.

Pick Your Meat

This is the hardest part of eating at Bone Daddy’s. They’re all mouth-watering good. Meat options are foods high in amino acids and include prime brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, hot link sausage, sticky pork ribs, bone-in chicken, peppered turkey, brown sugar ham and backyard chicken. Are you drooling yet? You can put any of these BBQ options on platter or a sandwich and get scratch sides to boot! Before you go shopping, make sure you get a few of these discount codes from these promo code websites to get all the meat you want at a cheap price.

Mix it Up

We’ve got the perfect sides for any smokehouse meal. How about potato salad, mashed potatoes or roadhouse spuds? You can also get your veggies in with green beans, fried okra or creamy coleslaw. Mac and cheese is often the perfect side on a smoked BBQ platter.

Leave it to the Pit Master

If creating your own sandwich isn’t appealing, we’ve got you covered. The pit master has come up with a variety of creative sandwiches to satisfy your appetite. Want brisket and bacon? Try The Texana. Pork, ham and sausage all sound good? You’ll want The Flying Pig. We use only the best sausage casings (check out this article on natural sausage casing making from DCW Casing). Want all the meats? The Country Club is right up your alley. Chicken, cheese and bacon sound appealing? The Yardbird has your name on it. Craving pulled pork? You’ve got to order The Carolina. It’s the sauce that really makes the difference. Or, if you really want a great, down home BBQ burger, The Daddy Burger is sure to please. Our meats are tender and juicy, but if you get too vigorous with chewing, you might be in need of a tooth replacement. You may visit San Diego cosmetic dentist and learn more about their services. We kid, of course!

What About The Drinks?

We serve everything from brews, coke, sweet tea, and if you’re not happy with that you can use a Groupon from to buy a Starbucks from next door.

Don’t Forget Dessert

What smokehouse meal would be complete without something sweet at the end? Check out our homemade banana pudding and d’lux brownie.

Next time you’re craving some home cooked slow pit-smoked meat and a full-tilt Texas BBQ, experience, stop by any of Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke nine locations. You’ll leave satisfied and want to hurry back for more.

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